Heat treatment

We carry out the heat treatment in 12 gas furnaces and four quenching tanks. The technological process is computer-controlled and documented by heat treatment records.

Main types of heat treatment

  • annealing
    • normalisation
    • soft annealing
    • stress relieving
    • solution annealing
    • homogenisation, simulated annealing
  • quenching of carbon and alloy steels
  • quenching of tool steels at an austenitization temperature of 1,100 °C
  • quenching of special steel
Heat treatment - specifications of the furnace
Maximum width 3,500 mm
Maximum height 2,100 mm
Maximum length 12,500 mm
Maximum weight 40 t
QUENCHING - specifications of the OIL/WATER tank
Maximum width 1,800 / 2,200 mm
Maximum height 2,000 / 3,000 mm
Maximum length 12,500 / 9,000mm
Maximum weight 20 / 20 t


We carry out the cutting on four band saws, the maximum cross section of material is 1,750 × 1,750 with 60 t maximum weight.

Maximum dimensions 1,750 x 1,750 x 15,000 mm
Maximum weight 60 t
Technical options Horizontal and vertical cut

Flame cutting

We carry out the flame cutting using two Messer flame cutting machines with the possibility of preheating of material in two furnaces. We can carry out the heat treatment after the flame cutting (cooling, qualitative heat treatment) in the quenching section.

Maximum width 3,200 mm
Maximum height 1,500 mm
Maximum length 12,400 mm
Maximum weight 60 t


We carry out the straightening using the straightening press with moulding force of 10 000 t at pressure 460 ATM.

Maximum dimension between columns 3,500 mm
Maximum height 2,100 mm
Maximum length 13,000 mm
Maximum weight 40 t

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